Thanks to a generous grant from PPG Aerospace, Aviation Heritage Park now offers flight simulator rental. We are proud to introduce TWO Gleim Virtual Cockpit® Basic Aviation Training Devices, known as AHP AERO, Virtual Flight Training.

These FAA-approved flight simulators replicate the Cessna 172 aircraft and provide a realistic training experience. Equipped with three “wrap-around” high-definition monitors, you will have a clear view out of the cockpit. The touchscreen instrument panel offers a choice between a legacy or advanced glass cockpit layout. The ergonomically designed controls, amplified sound, and a racing-style captain’s chair complete the immersive experience.

Our simulators are not limited to basic training scenarios. They can be programmed to simulate challenging conditions such as storms, demanding crosswind situations, or night flights. Whatever challenge you may encounter in a real aircraft, our simulators can replicate it, all within the safety and comfort of our museum. With our extensive database containing over 14,000 airports and 35,000 runways, you can fly anywhere and learn everything.

The time spent in our simulator can be logged by a certified flight instructor towards your aviation goals. Whether you are looking to receive instruction, accumulate instrument time, or log total time, our simulator can accommodate your needs. There is no maximum limit to the time that can be logged, only a maximum that can be credited towards your certificate or rating.

The Simulators are available by appointment only, Tues – Sat, 8 am to 5 pm. Request a slot (or more information) using the form below, or email [email protected]. An AHPM representative will return your contact.


$50/hr for a 10 hour block
$45/hr for a 15 hour block
($10/hr less for Veterans at any price point.)
Slots outside of business hours have an upcharge and is by special appointment only.