Since opening in 2009 Aviation Heritage Park has been visited by thousands of guests from near and far. They bring their families to see the painstakingly restored aircraft and hear the stories of the aviators who flew them. Visitors are impressed with the beauty and power of the great machines. What few people realize is the extensive work required to bring these artifacts to life.

Every aircraft at AHP has gone through a labor-intensive process of research, location, disassembly, shipment, reassembly, and finally, restoration. All this work is done by VOLUNTEERS.

The standards are far beyond other outdoor displays, and comparable to nationally known indoor museums. With a core of volunteers, and the invaluable support of corporate and private sponsors, AHP is in continuous rotation of maintenance and refurbishment of these precious artifacts.

Corroded, torn and deteriorated, these aircraft are brought to the volunteers of Aviation Heritage Park where thousands of man-hours are spent preparing them for their new mission.
Driven by passion for aviation and military history, a group of volunteers continually dedicate their craftsmanship, knowledge, and personal time to the preservation and maintenance of AHP’s aircraft.

Aviation Heritage Park’s story is inspiring. You can be a part of it by volunteering. Adults can help with the preservation process. Kids can do park maintenance. We welcome everyone.


Be A Part Of Our Maintenance And Preservation Volunteer Team